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Donor guide.

If you have questions related to online donation, you have a step-by-step donation guide HERE

For any information please call us anytime at this number +40 0727 357 297

Our team has saved, since the start of our activity till present more than 1255 mothers and 800 children. Our health and Life project for mothers and children is supported only by donations. Help us continue! With only €10 a month, you can save a life.

We depend directly on how people get involved and are responsible for a healthy society. We help you understand what our activities are and we present our expenses and results to you.

The counseling center needs your help to continue the work of saving lives. Every life is worth saving.
To reach each mother, we spend 10 € per month, and to support a mother and her child, we spend an average of 40 € a month.
A whole society has direct benefits from supporting life and protecting the mother and child. All civilized societies are co-responsible to protect the most fragile, smaller and helpless. Help a mother and a child ! They also depend on you.

Costs of Councilors Team – 1500 € / month
Communication Costs – 400 € / month
Moms help costs – 2000 € / month
Operating costs (energy, internet, telephony, etc) – 300 € / month
Total Costs = 4200 € / month

We urgently need to cover monthly expenses! Please help us so we can do the same, help other people.

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